Backup or long term preservation of the map of all online, offline, turned on or off devices?

What we daily produce can be valuable in the future? Even when there will be new systems, new people, new formats and media?
We implicitly assume that what we use and we see today will survive indefinitely in time. But each passing day new things are experienced, others are leaving, others are consolidating and imperceptibly ... our activities evolve.
What is our heritage? Certainly the experience we do, but beyond that, to propose a sustainable new business, we need to start from things that have formed our own experience. Many of these are described or represented in files that nowadays we easily produce and more easily disperse.

After having developed an application for the long term preservation of huge of files for the printing companies market, our company focused on the need for everybody of us to have a tool for archiving our personal files, to achieve what now is called the Personal Digital Archiving (PDA).

Endless Map is an application designed to track and promote the storage of our files produced or received for personal, family or business purposes for a long time, far beyond the life-cycle of any device. Since today's files are increasingly distributed on many devices or memory drives like PCs, smartphones, tablets, removable devices, optical disks, clouds, it's hard to keep track of what files we have and where they are.
Recognizing that our files are surrounded by a host of other objects, such as operating system files, programs, and data, which, although vital to the performance of the device, are valuable until the end of its use, Endless Map helps focus our files and folders, automatically tracking all those in personal folders, such as: Documents, Pictures, Video, Music, Desktop, Whatsapp..., as well as in all the memory drives we connect in order to produce our universal, device-independent map, that we can browse without physically having the files on the current device.

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